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Tawadhu' Wa Hayaa A very long journey towards Akhirah. Malaysia was my birthplace since 8 July 1992. Indeed I am very blessed with people around me that supports me countless. We are none other than Musaffir in this World. Seek, Learn, Ponder, Teach.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013



Sorry kerana dah lama tak tulis blog. Berhabuk blog ni. Heeehe been busy these days. Last month went for Umrah. Oh btw guys, I punya Travel Agency finally dah dapat license so officially Sophea Travel & Tours can bring you everywhere you want to go lepas ni.

Alhamdulillah terima kasih pada Tuhan atas nikmat ini.

For now papa ask me to work out Umrah package and with abang jasmi's help finally dah siap. Range price for 250m - 300m is RM6300+ and 20m - 35m is RM8000+. Bergantung kepada anda nak hotel jauh atau dekat demi keselesaan anda. Yes, we serve the very best to void any difficulties and bad response insya-Allah. May Allah help us through those journey kan? At least we try to be the best agent for you.

Sabtu lepas mama did her Slip Disc Surgery. Everything went well. She's showing positve improvements. Yes, mak's best friend, kemana sahaja mesti ada mama. Mak dan mama, my two diamond that can't replace with money or anything else.

Pray for her, :)

Till then semua. Akan kembali lagi untuk menaip. Selamat!

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